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quiero más imágenes/interacción de ellos dos u.u -sueña- </3


quiero más imágenes/interacción de ellos dos u.u -sueña- </3

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no takers? D:

I guess no one’s around that much anymore :<


Just wondering who’s still active in the group besides Kazuya, Eiji senpai and me :3

I say we do fantasy RP with mages and wizards and knights or something. >.> PoT is pretty supernatural anyway >w>;

We should :D yeah I agree it is x3 

  1. (ooc: sometimes I’m on but then no one is here so I don’t do anything. Basically every few days or so I check in here. What about everyone else?)
  2. yeah.. dying… whose on so we can stat rping again? maybe an AU.
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Kazuya’s Admin and I will be here more often now that our exams are over

:3 AU Sounds like fun:D

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[[There’s nothing to do here anymore, though.]]
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i know right …

o_____o Yeah I notice a lot of people haven’t been around at all lately even the two creators of the group :S


Where is everyone in the group? :S
Is no one here anymore o______o it’s so quiet here 0____0

[ooc] tons of PoT Doujinshi are here :D





Getting a lil dead here :/

heytheremoon said: Where’d those group RPs go…?

Well the easter egg one stopped at Fuji and the haunted house one stopped at Gakuto admin for almost a week :/

Well I haven’t been on much either…so I can’t really complain :/ There’s just been way too much work lately and possibly personal problems for me but I’m not sure about the others.

I’ve been busy lately with track and projects, sorry about that.

Kazuya’s Admin and I were busy with exams so I haven’t been keeping track on the Rp events O.O

The Optional two day break


Rin who had overheard the entire thing merely hummed his approval at the other’s suggestion. Seemed like a good idea honestly and there really was nothing better for all of them to do. The deal was made even sweeter with the promise of prizes from the Atobe heir.

“Sounds fun… But why don’t we make it a little more interesting?” the blond boy said with a small smirk.

“Like play with the high schoolers or something. Kikumaru is friends with one of them right? We could make it into a contest or something.”

"Yare yare looks like someone overheard us Kazuya," Irie stated with an amused smile on his face as he heard the sound of someone running away from where they were standing. He had a feeling the one who overheard them was a middle schooler since all of the high schoolers in camp already knew about the break so it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise to them.

"And I haven’t thought about what we could do besides eat,relax,train and sleep Kazuya," he replied with a smile on his face as he turned back to face his broody friend,"speaking of food, I overheard the chief and the other staffs talking about how they finally got their request to take the two days off as well approved by the coaches which means we would have to cook our own meals while the cooking staffs are gone for the two days."

Irie informed the taller dark haired male with an amused smile on his face; he is amused by the idea since most of them couldn’t cook, “let’s head off to the kitchen to grab something to eat Kazuya or all the food could be gone by the time we get there.” He grab hold of the taller male’s hand and began dragging him along with him to the camp’s kitchen to get some breakfast.