Irie The Pierrot
The Optional two day break

Irie began walking toward court one where he knew the broody friend of his was training at. The coaches had often all camp members the option of returning home for two days in celebration of the upcoming Easter holiday. He was already finished with his training for the day so he figure he would go find the broody friend of his to figure out what they should do over the two day break from camp. Neither Kazuya nor him had chose to return to their families for the past years that they had been at the camp, but they had always discussed with one another over what they should do over the two day break.

The camp seems a bit quieter now with almost all of the lower level courts high schoolers gone. Irie smile as he heard the sound of balls hitting a wall as he approach the court the broody friend of his belong on. Irie observe his friend as he trained for a while before calling out to him when he saw the taller male taking a break from the intense training section,” Hey Kazuya,” he walked down to the wall separating the court and the stairs behind the bench the dark haired man was resting on and rested his elbows on the wall,” Say what do you want to do over the two day break that we have for Easter? Are you planing to go home this year, Kazuya? I think I rather stay at the camp instead of going home like the others. What about you Kazuya?” Irie close his eyes as he waited patiently for the broody male in front of him to reply.